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Arianna’s Daily Shows You What to Wear For Valentine’s Day

By 6th January 2016Interview, SS16

The Day of Luurve is coming up, and at Tabitha Webb we believe in dressing for the occasion. The traditional colours of Valentine’s day are red and pink; however the idea of dressing in pink for Valentine’s day conjures up images of Barbara Cartland (not that there is anything wrong with that fine Dame). We prefer a stylish red – reminiscent of hearts, roses and other innocent signifiers of love, and yet at the same time bringing to mind foxy underwear and a come-hither red lip.  

Showing us how it’s done, we have Arianna Trapani of the blog Arianna’s Daily, a lifestyle blog which specialises in interiors, travel, fashion and food. Featuring recipes, outfit and decorating ideas, it will leave you with a resolve to generally spruce up your life. Arianna herself is a stylist and Interior designer, so you can trust her! As well as modelling the Tabitha Webb Brigitte dress in Red, she tells us about her personal style, her tip for bad hair days, and her take on underwear as outerwear…

Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (2)
TABITHA WEBB: How do you describe your style? Casual chic with a hint of black 😉

Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (3)
TABITHA WEBB: How does your blog influence what you wear? My blog plays a huge part in what I wear. Ever since I started photo shooting for the blog, it has opened up so many fantastic opportunities with new brands that it’s made me branch out of my comfort zone. After all, that is what fashion is about: simply having fun and thinking outside the box. Usually when I’m shooting I like to tell a story, so the whole scenario plays an important part as well.

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TABITHA WEBB: What are your fail safe tips that you can share with us? For me it’s all about comfort. No point in wearing a pair of shoes that I can’t walk in, or wearing an outfit that I’m absolutely not comfortable in; it just ends up showing. Also on bad hair days I wear a hat – works like a treat!

Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (5) Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (6)
TABITHA WEBB: What are the must-have items in your wardrobe? My must have items are jeans and a simple white T-shirt. Without these I would be at a total loss. They are my go-to for comfort and for a versatile style. Easy to dress up, or play it down for a casual chic look.

Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (7) Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (8)
TABITHA WEBB: How important is a statement dress to your wardrobe? Every woman should have a statement dress in their wardrobe. It’s the perfect excuse to play dress-up and exude feminine energy. I love figure-hugging dresses in either black or bright colours. All that a statement dress needs is a simple pair of heels and your favourite perfume!

Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (9) Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (10)
TABITHA WEBB: How do you accessorise dresses for day and for evening? I tend to wear flats or casual shoes during the day and then to make a statement, I wear a sexy pair of heels. Shoes can really make a difference to any outfit! Outerwear also plays just as much of an important role. Whether it’s a leather jacket, a blazer or a trench – each changes the overall look drastically from casual to chic.

Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (14) Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (15)
TABITHA WEBB: What trends are you seeing for SS16 that you are looking forward to? The whole underwear as outerwear concept is so much fun! I’m loving the slip dress as I see it has made a comeback and looking slinkier than ever! Layer it under fine knits or a leather jacket and pair it with sexy knee highs or ankle boots. It’s definitely a look I want to play with!

Ariannas_Daily_wears_Tabitha_Webb_Dress (1)
TABITHA WEBB: What’s next for you and your blog? I’m currently working on a re-design of my blog. I do get bored quite quickly and so feel it is time for a refresh. I’m moving away from the pink as I want something that totally represents me, as I feel I have changed and evolved in the last year and a half. I hope my readers will like it. Oh and I’m currently thinking about doing more videos on YouTube…. So watch this space 😉

Arianna wears the Tabitha Webb Brigitte in Red in this post (and as you can see, rocks the hell out of it). If you are interested in this style, please email info@tabithawebb.co.uk.

The Brigitte Dress is also available in Navy

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