Tabitha and Emily discuss how to look stylish this autumn

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As the nights draw in and the stores are awash with new collections, up for discussion this week is: how to look stylish this autumn…


British designer Tabitha Webb, is all about keeping things colourful as we head into autumn. A pastel coat and red boots are on her hit list…

As I attempt to haul on my skinny jeans, which are feeling the effect of my summer rosé and lime Doritos habit, it dawns on me it is the start of another new season. Yup, autumn is upon us and so it’s time for the September reboot. And this means lots of crisp walks, hours of blackberry picking and of course the excitement of being able to justify a whole new wardrobe. Okay, well maybe not an entire wardrobe, but a few key pieces at least.


First up we all need an awesome pair of boots. My top choice is the Chloé Susanna studded ankle boot in red, as seen on two of my top style icons, Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth. Even though the boots have been around for years, they are still sooooo cool, but of course they come at a price. A less intimidating choice would be the Isabel Marant suede Dicker boots in green, which are delicious. Then it’s off to J.Crew to snap up their double-breasted coat in frosted taupe, which I think will be my game changer for the season. If you want to throw a print in there, then Crumpet’s white-and-black star print scarf would be the perfect match.


And my top tip of the week? Head to Twilight Trees, my fave new discovery. They have twinkling LED sculptured trees that are perfect for brightening up the ever-shortening days.

Afterwards you will find me eating the most delicious guacamole at Peyote in Mayfair. The best thing about this relatively undiscovered gem is I get to live out my secret Coyote Ugly fantasies and dance on the bar once the DJ gets the place rocking at the weekend.


US-born, London-based Emily Johnston of the hugely popular blog Fashion Foie Gras loves cosy classics for autumn, although she also has her eye on some playful prehistoric accessories…

When it comes to fashion this season I do believe my personal tastes are anything but predictable, so I’m going to let you in on one of my favourite, and the more surprising, trends of the season. I’m head over heels in love with everything dinosaurs over at Paul Smith. Didn’t see that one coming. T-Rex on a scarf? I’ll take one in every colour.

I’ll go ahead and admit that my winter coat was purchased weeks ago, with the landing of Marina Rinaldi’s collaboration with designer Tsumori Chisato. Shearling sleeves! I swooned and prayed for credit card redemption.


This is a season where scarves pop in and out of bags and overcoats are not yet an essential. But if you are already shopping for one, look at Marks & Spencer for a selection that stretches further than the eye can see. If you want to invest a bit more in your style statement for the season, visit Ralph Lauren. Although it’s their oversized knits that are the items that occupy my dreams all year. Clearly this is a fashion addiction.


Now, a word of warning about something else that may become an addiction. Famous baker Dominique Ansel is coming to London. Ever heard of the Cronut, the croissant/doughnut hybrid? Yeah, he’s the man responsible. Queues for his baked goods stretch as long as four hours in New York, and now he’s opening a shop in London’s Belgravia at the end of this month. Frozen S’mores – an American delicacy – are already promised on the menu. Throw on the overcoat, grab the Amex and head west!


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