Is It Really Time To Bare Our Bods Again?

Is that Spring I see poking its head around the corner?

I think it might be, and the daffodils that are diligently fighting their way through the unexpected snow give me hope it is, but also a terrifying realisation that it’s only a matter of weeks before I might have to bare some of my body parts to the elements.

So that means it is time to take action!

Enough of having everything wrapped up in jumpers and forgiving lycra pants, because the moment we all dread is nearly upon us.

Having spoken to lots of friends about this, I realise it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are; everyone dreads it. The horror the first time you get your pasty white legs out, and the offensive bingo wing that seems to wobble every time you reach for your glass of rose.

I have to admit that having just had a baby, and not being in anyway likely to ‘pop’ back into shape, I am on a mission to find things that will help me get into my Spring wardrobe, but that are also FUN!

Yes, I want to go to Move Your Frame in Hoxton and do 80’s aerobics to Madonna, in fact I would love to do that everyday, but then I panic I am not fit enough to do it!

So firstly my very fit and healthy friend Jenni Falconer is suggesting we head to Jason Vale in Portugal for a Juicy Oasis retreat (loved by the likes of Alesha Dixon and Gary Barlow). Here we would get a complete overhaul of mind and body, and it might be the first time I achieve a downward dog!

I am not usually a fan of juicing, but I think every now and then the body could use a re-set. Then I would like to head to the Body Camp in Ibiza where you run on the beach, box and learn to cook healthy meals (and also do 80’s aerobics - move over Jane Fonda). This is greedy I know, but I feel like I need some guidance.

Mainly so that if I achieve my goals, and win the lottery, I can treat myself to the Quinland Leather jacket from Anine Bing that I am obsessed with. I mean, when is a jacket not life changing…

ic:Tabitha Webb | Quinland Leather jacket from Anine Bing


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