Tabitha Webb | January Holidays - Sun or Snow?

January Holidays: Sun or Snow?

Tabitha Webb | January Holidays - Sun or Snow?

Here goes. Sun or snow for your UK Winter getaway?

 Designer Tabitha Webb and blogger Emily Johnston are fashion-loving friends who don’t always see eye to eye, but when it comes to the UK in January, they do agree on one thing – it’s a good time to holiday.

However, where to go to escape the winter blues is a very different matter! 

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For US-born, London-based blogger Emily Johnston, January is the perfect time to head for tropical climes to seek out the sun and clear blue sea January blues are a real thing.

Scientifically speaking, the most depressing day of the year is in January.

So when it comes to this month of depression, I fly away as far as I can.

January is a time to explore warm climates, to step away from the impending snow, sleet or rain and step into a bright blue ocean instead, don’t you think?

Tabitha Webb | Tropical climes is better during a UK January


Sure, everyone you know back in the UK will unfollow you on Instagram after you’ve posted your ninth picture of a palm tree in a glamorous location, but surely it’s worth it to come back totally rejuvenated.

But where to go? For me, it’s a choice of three.


The private island of Song Saa in Cambodia is undoubtedly a hero. This luxury resort looks like something straight out of my dreams. Swinging beds to sun yourself on, rooms that sit on the water and infinity pools to boot… Yes please.



However, if you’re not in the mood to travel so far, head to Jumby Bay in Antigua. It is the ultimate in luxury and the best for winter sun. It’s also a place where you can sit on the beach and never move, if you so wish – they bring the piña coladas and ice-cream sandwiches to you.


Last but not least would be the ultimate wildlife adventure. The Four Seasons Serengeti in Tanzania combines the best of all worlds – a pool for relaxing, where herds of elephants come to you (no joke) and a daily safari that will take your mind away from any concerns lurking back at home.

Whether in search of the black rhino in Africa or your floatation device in the deep blue sea, find winter sun somewhere on the globe to keep your spirits high and the January blues at bay.

Oh, and don’t forget a chic printed kaftan to complement your amazing tan.

Emily’s Must Have: Faye Dunaway mini-length linen kaftan, £185 (was £265)

ic:Tabitha Webb | Emily Johnston's pick Faye Dunaway mini-length linen kaftan


Tabitha Webb thinks differently.

There is nothing better than heading for the snow, hitting the pistes, enjoying great food and sloping off in style.

Everyone who knows me realises that I am never happier than when flying down a ski slope with the sun shining and a glühwein waiting for me at the bottom – pure heaven.

I do really love snow, but having said that, I need all the elements to be correct.

So if I wake up and see cloud or actual falling snow, I will then be found ensconced in the nearest spa, or perhaps dancing on the lowest table (ten years ago it would have been the highest).


ic:Tabitha Webb | Snow bunny


For a long weekend, I adore Lech in Austria, ideally in January or early February, when all the kids, mine included, are still at school. It is a picturesque little village, loved by the royals, with fantastic skiing.

I love staying at the Kristiania Lodge, which is cool and houses an outrageously good art collection and has fantastic views – perfect for a romantic getaway.

Complete the experience by jumping onto a snowmobile or a horse drawn carriage and head to a gasthof for some traditional Austrian fare.

Fancy further afield?

You can’t go wrong with the Rusty Parrot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, loved by the likes of Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock.

It is challenging skiing, but still my favourite destination. The lodge is a perfect mix of authentic and personal. And more importantly, the chilli and nachos up the mountain are sublime.

And you can even go line dancing.

Finally, to make sure you look the part, head to Perfect Moment, my present ski label of choice. If I was hot and thin I would wear its Star II merino wool jumpsuit, but as I am not I will be donning its retro 1970s Queenie jacket and flares – identical to my first ski suit when I was 7.


Tabitha’s Lust Have Star II suit, £310, Perfect Moment

ic:Tabitha Webb | Totes going to wear this


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