Tabitha Webb | How To Dress Your Man

Top Tips On How To Dress Your Man Just The Way You Want

Tabitha Webb | How To Dress Your Man

It’s a battle all woman face – men just won’t dress the way we want them to.

I remember when I first met my husband, and our moments of true passion had subsided – it was then that I suddenly realised his wardrobe had to change.

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The zip up cardigans were quietly gifted to the charity shop, the high waisted jeans gradually became ‘lost’, and the Pixies tee shirts somehow shrunk in the wash.

However, a few successful shopping trips later to update him with some Edwin and Diesel jeans, a couple of linen shirts from Pink, and a lot of checked shirts from Gitman Vintage, and I felt we had a good base from which to build his wardrobe again.

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He moaned and groaned about it, but I know that he secretly loves all the sideways glances he gets from the girls on the street now he is rocking a cooler wardrobe!

Of course in my dream world, my ideal man would be a cowboy (think Paul Newman). For me a checked shirt and bashed up old jeans are all any man needs, and a lot of the male trends beyond this scare me.

But there are some good things around on the catwalk this season  – for example the classic vertical stripe is here to stay as shown by APC, but in different widths and colours – think deckchair style.

And to my utter joy light pink is here again, and although only the brave, and quite frankly very hot, can pull this off in an all over suit aka Harry Styles, I think men generally look very handsome in pink linen shirts – check out Frescobol Caricoa for some goodies.

Of course there are some more terrifying trends like the return of the ‘short short’ as shown by Fendi, and last seen in the 70‘s – this is something that should be reserved only for the likes of David Gandy.

And as Father’s Day is just around the corner, I suggest you all have a look at Frangipani shirts – these are gorgeous printed cotton shirts for men, and we all know I love a print!

I think my favourite is the Maui Wowwee but I know I am going to struggle to get my man to wear it.

I will gift it anyway, and hope that this combined with eggs on toast and a surf magazine will be enough to swing it.


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