Tabitha Webb | InStyle's Amy Bannerman - Notes on Style

InStyle's Amy Bannerman: Notes on Style

Tabitha Webb | InStyle's Amy Bannerman - Notes on Style

Tabitha Webb interviews InStyle's Amy Bannerman

Amy Bannerman is the former Fashion Editor at InStyle and a personal stylist, as well as running the blog The Jeanius, dedicated to denim for the legs.

She shares her unusual tip for staying warm in the winter without wearing tights, the process of creating her Tabitha Webb dress, and the trend she is most looking forward to for Spring Summer 2016 (Hint: It involves glitter in the daylight hours)

What's not to love?

Tabitha Webb | Amy Bannerman in Tabitha Webb Dress


TW: How did you approach designing a dress with Tabitha?
AB: I just thought of what I was missing in my wardrobe and then started from there.


TW: What will you style your dress with?
AB: Boots, heels, a beaten up old leather jacket. Things that are less dressy than the dress.


TW: How do you describe your style?
AB: I always like to feel feminine and I don't like things to feel predictable or matchy.


TW: Does your work influence what you wear?
AB: Very much so. A day of appointments or press days calls for trainers or flats and a day with an event in the evening requires a bit more effort!


Tabitha Webb | Instyle Amy Dress


TW: What are your fail safe tips that you can share with us?
AB: Wear bare legs in winter but use an oily balm or moisturiser to act as a barrier from the cold. Also, look at the shows and shop on eBay and Etsy.


TW: How important is your statement Tabitha Webb dress to your wardrobe
AB: Very. It's perfect for all the Christmas events!


TW: What trends are you seeing for SS16 that you are looking forward to
AB: Daytime disco - it's got my name all over it.


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