Tabitha Webb | InStyle's Hannah Rochell - Notes on Style

InStyle's Hannah Rochell: Notes on Style

Tabitha Webb | InStyle's Hannah Rochell - Notes on Style

Let the Tabitha Webb interview of Hannah Rochell begin..

Hannah Rochell is the Fashion Features Editor at InStyle, as well as the creator of the blog En Brogue, a site about stylish flat shoes and how to wear them.

Strictly no heels allowed!

Hannah told us about her Tabitha Webb collaboration, the struggle of finding dresses that work with flat shoes, and being a Nineties tomboy...

Tabitha Webb | Hannah Rochell in her Tabitha Webb dress


TW: How did you approach designing a dress with Tabitha?

HR: I wanted to be more open minded than I usually am and try something a little out of my comfort zone. Tabitha made that so easy because the fit of my dress makes me feel so amazing and gives me more confidence, even with the plunge neckline that I would normally be scared of!

TW: What will you style your dress with?

HR: I never wear heels, so it was important to me to find a dress that looks great with flats. This length works perfectly with either black pointy pumps or my favourite Dior embellished trainers. The dress makes such a statement on its own that I won't be wearing jewellery and just a really plain black or navy clutch.

TW: How would you describe your style?

HR: I'm mostly a tomboy, usually in jeans or trousers, buttoned up shirts, preppy sweaters and flat shoes, and I love dresses with a Sixties style. I'm really drawn to print, and rarely wear black/navy/grey unless it's with a pop of colour.

Tabitha Webb | Tabitha Webb Hannah Rochell Instyle Kara Dress


TW: How does your work influence what you wear?

HR: Working in fashion I'm lucky, in that I can wear casual clothes and flats and don't have to wear a suit or anything, but even in my most laid back outfits I still have to look well put-together, so trainers are always really clean, sweaters pristine, jeans obviously deliberately ripped rather than old and tatty!

TW: What are your fail safe tips that you can share with us?

HR: If you don't feel comfortable in your clothes, you won't look stylish. Nothing says chic and confident more than a woman who feels as good as she looks.

TW: How important is your statement Tabitha Webb dress to your wardrobe?

HR: It's suddenly essential! I really struggle to find dresses that I like that work with flat shoes, and that feel edgy as well as stylish. And I never wear black! This ticks all the boxes and I love it.


Tabitha Webb | Hanah Rochell's En Brogue The Trainers Guide


TW: What trends are you seeing for SS16 that you are looking forward to?

HR: I love that retro geek chic has carried through from Autumn Winter 2015 as it's full of colour and print and all things vibrant. Life's too short to take fashion too seriously! And the Nineties is massive again, which is a personal favourite because I turned 13 in 1990…and that's when I first got interested in fashion.

Instyle Issue is out now.

Take a look at Hannah Rochell's En Brogue blog with her new book The Trainers Guide.


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