Tabitha Webb | InStyle's Robyn Kotze - Notes on Style

InStyle's Robyn Kotze: Notes on Style

Tabitha Webb | InStyle's Robyn Kotze - Notes on Style

Tabitha Webb interviews Robyn Kotze

Born in South Africa, Robyn Kotze is the Fashion Editor at InStyle, as well as being a stylist and brand consultant, and has worked at Matthew Williamson, Sunday Times Style and Net-A-Porter.

We caught up with her after her Tabitha Webb collaboration on how she is going to style her new creation, feeling like a modern princess and the importance of comfort and confidence.

Tabitha Webb | Robyn Kotze in her Tabitha Webb dress

TW: How did you approach designing a dress with Tabitha?

RK: I looked at all her designs to see what would suit me best and what I could imagine buying.


TW: What will you style your dress with?

RK: Flats; lace ups or pointed. A shoulder bag or oversized clutch… and statement earrings. I would probably layer my rings too.


TW: How do you describe your style?

RK: Masculine but sexy and effortlessly smart.


TW: How does your work influence what you wear?

RK: You learn about amazing new brands and get caught up their vibe so I dress to my current favourite brands. Tabitha Webb Instyle Robyn

TW: What are your fail safe tips that you can share with us?

RK: Always feel comfortable because the confidence and comfort are the first to show!


TW: How important is your statement Tabitha Webb dress to your wardrobe?

RK: Mine is not really statement but more of a staple piece… the must-have dress that you can always count on to look good.


TW: What trends are you seeing for SS16 that you are looking forward to?

RK: 90s Minimal, love a slip dress! Ruffles, I feel like a modern princess in my perfectly ruffled blouse or dress!


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