Tabitha Webb | Rebecca Botin Wears Tabitha Webb

Rebecca Botin Wears Tabitha Webb

Tabitha Webb | Rebecca Botin Wears Tabitha Webb

Effortlessly Stylish Rebecca Botin Talks With Tabitha Webb

Rebecca Botin is the definition of a cool girl; she's talented, stylish and a cutting edge street style photographer.

When she's not hanging out at London Fashion Week, she can be found writing her blog or photographing leading fashion bloggers including LornaLuxe, InTheFrow and TheSouthernDutchess.

We were delighted when Rebecca agreed to step in front of the camera for us and share her career secrets in this exclusive interview.

Shot by fellow photographer Victoria Metaxas and wearing her Tabitha Webb Meg Dress, let's get to know Rebecca Botin..


ic:Tabitha Webb | Rebecca Botin wears Tabitha Webb Dress


TABITHA WEBB: Where are you from? How did you come to live in London
REBECCA BOTIN: I was born in Italy and grew up in Denmark, with my parents and two sisters. I moved from Denmark to London in the spring of 2014 together with my boyfriend. We moved so that he could pursuit an MBA degree and start up his business afterwards, and so that I would have improved conditions to consider a career change. For me, London offers more opportunities within the creative fields that I am passionate about, such as fashion, photography, social media and networking in general. ic:Tabitha Webb | LORNALUXE Shot By Rebecca Botin

TW: How did you get into photography?

RB: From an early stage, I always liked to draw and paint, which I still do, but as the years went by I found it quite time-consuming, so when the combination of Instagram and camera phones occurred it was the perfect recipe for me to express my creative side in a more dynamic way. When we moved to London, I was very fascinated and intrigued by the Instagram community here, where random people meet up, connect and share, and that is how I got inspired to start photographing on a daily basis with my iPhone and post it on social media. My boyfriend gave me my first camera later that year, and ever since I’ve been shooting away, and eventually made a business out of my passion.

ic:Tabitha Webb | Rebecca Botin In Her Tabitha Webb Dress
Rebecca Botin Wears Tabitha Webb's Meg Dress

TW: How do you describe your style?

RB: For everyday life, I like comfortable clothing and fabrics without too many colours, preferably black or earthy colours.  My style is a combination of boho chic and relaxed formal, and to dress up I wear heels and accessories. As you can see, I do have a lot of tattoos, another way of expressing my creative side, so I tend to dress accordingly so I don’t have too much noise and patterns on me. I guess I use my tattoos as my accessories.

ic:Tabitha Webb | The Southern Dutchess Shot By Rebecca Botin

TW: How does your work influence what you wear?
RB: I do get inspired by the fashion bloggers I meet. If they have some items or a style I really like I will keep them in mind next time I'm out shopping. I use a lot of my time online, researching, blogging, connecting with other people and brands in the fashion industry so my inputs come from everywhere.

ic: Tabitha Webb | Rebecca Botin Wearing Tabitha Webb Dress

TW: Which gorgeous bloggers have you worked with? 
Any favourite shoots you’d like to share with us?
RB: I very happy to say that the list of fabulous bloggers that I have worked with is starting to get quite long, and continues to grow day by day, but to mention a few (by their Instagram handles):

I already have a lot of shoots lined up with new bloggers for 2016. If you look at my Instagram, you can see the photos and list of collaborations and clients I have had so far, including the various bloggers and brands.

ic:Tabitha Webb | In The Frow Shot By Rebecca Botin

TW: What are your top tips for someone looking to take the perfect outfit shot for Instagram?
RB: Number one tip regarding this and almost all other subjects on Instagram is to always stay true to your own style - finding the right balance between getting inspired by other bloggers versus directly copying them. Another tip if you want to really show what you’re wearing is to have some kind of background that compliments the outfit and that is not too noisy – the attention should be on the outfit. And of course having a fashion photographer who understands your goals and your style and knows how to capture it perfectly.
ic:Tabitha Webb | Rebecca Botin Sporting Her Tabitha Webb Dress

TW: You see street style all the time and shoot the best fashionistas, what should we be investing in right now?
RB: From my experience it really depends on the person who is going to wear it, but what I often see is a lot of denim, also denim-on-denim, flares, over the knee boots, 90s, and less and less visible brands and logos. The boyfriend-items have been in for a while, but I still see it a lot with boyfriend-jeans, shirts and oversized jackets. All of these oversized styles are always carried with a very feminine and sophisticated touch. ic:Tabitha Webb | Sophie Streetstyle Shot By Rebecca Botin
TW: How important is a statement dress to your wardrobe?
RB: Occasionally, it’s nice to have a statement dress to put on for very special or formal events, but mostly I like to wear some kind of feminine jumpsuit or similar, and accessorise and personalise it.

ic:Tabitha Webb | Rebecca Botin In Tabitha Webb

TW: How do you accessorise dresses for day and for evening?
RB: For day I would accessories with flat ballerinas or similar, and a casual cardigan, handbag and hairstyle. For evening I would wear heels, some kind of nice matching cross body bag or clutch and nice makeup and hairstyle - again my tattoos does their job as accessories.
ic:Tabitha Webb | Irenepila Shot By Rebecca Botin

TW: What trends are you seeing for SS16 that you are looking forward to?
RB: Ruffles and trumpet sleeves and trousers - just like I love the flares and fringes, it gives some dynamic to the outfit and photos. Besides that the 90s are back, so I am also looking forward to seeing how people will follow this trend with a modern twist and without too many similarities to “Beverly Hills, 90210”.
ic:Tabitha Webb | The Glowedit Shot By Rebecca Botin

TW: Tell us about your blog and tell us what’s next?
RB: I use my blog as a public diary, so depending on my schedule it gets updated regularly with my photoshoots, events, photographical achievements and so forth. Not everything that I photograph gets posted on my Instagram, so some work might be exclusively for my blog, where I also make extended versions compared to my Instagram feed. I foresee 2016 to be a very exciting and busy year for me, so stay tuned on my blog and Instagram to see what the future brings of exciting projects.

Rebecca Botin Top Tabitha Webb Picks:

  1. TABITHA WEBB MEG – NAVY As seen on the photos, I liked this very feminine and classy dress. I wore it with black heels, loose hair and some simple accessories.
  2. TABITHA WEBB INSTYLE AMY DRESS As earlier mentioned, I like black, so this dress would work for me for both day and evening events either with ballerinas or heels and a more colourful handbag to go with it.
  3. TABITHA WEBB THE TRIXIE DRESS – CREAM & BLACK I like the cut of the dress, the colour combination and the cute black details on the sleeves. This dress could be used both for day and evening depending on how you accessorise it. ic:Tabitha Webb | Trixie Dress



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