Autumn Essentials

Autumn Essentials

Autumn Essentials
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Autumn is in the air.

Or at least the wild blackberries sprouting all around me would seem to think so, which means it’s time to prepare ourselves for a change of season: In light of this Sinead and I have discussed our essentials to get us through the shorter days and longer nights.

And because she is so bossy, I have agreed with nearly everything she has said. (just fyi, I call her Mariah)

With what seems like perfect timing, Dubarry have just launched a new style– the Sligo boot .

These iconic boots always stand the test of time – they are leather, waterproof, AND even make sure you don’t fall over in the mud. They are not magical obviously, but pretty close. In fact, I think Sinead and I first bonded over a pair of Dubarry boots in her Landrover a few decades ago, even though I would like to say it was champagne. Anyway, I suggest you see these as your investment piece for many Autumnal seasons to come.

Then to bring you right up to speed with the rest of the fashion pack, red is a big colour going forward. It’s bright, makes a statement and will solve many a wardrobe crisis. I am leaning towards oversized this season, and Acne’s Deborah jumper in bright red is the perfect knit for slouchy wear. The deep V neck keeps it feminine, and it’s great for layering.

Next up you need to be able to ‘smell’ Autumn.

As a country girl, I love lighting my wood burner in the evenings - it makes me feel like I have an excuse to snuggle under a cashmere blanket and read a good book. But you can still get the same affect by lighting a Diptique Feu de Bois candle on your mantelpiece, which actually smells like a burning wood fire. Clever right?

Ideally, we would suggest that while you are doing this you use Charlotte Tilbury’s instant magic facial dry sheet mask – it will re-hydrate your skin, and ease the wrinkles! Just make sure no one is around to see…

Then of course there are the crackle gold boots from Ivylee Copenhagen which are completely dreamy. And I will be living in them everyday. They are cool, comfortable and work with everything from skirts to jeans. A little splash of metallic brightens up any grey day.

And to top it off? We all need a pot of marmite! What else would we put on our warm crumpets after a long day. Luckily for Sinead I have already ordered a pot just for her – it has her name all over it!

however all this Autumn chat isn’t quite for you, then I suggest heading to the Santa Caterina Hotel on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It is pure Heaven. You are unlikely to get a room over the summer unless you are very lucky, but now the tourists have left you can whizz over for a last minute break and pretend you are living the A list Life!

There are a few other things that we feel we cannot go without. The Carmine chunky throw from Christy England is one of them – it’s hand knitted in England, and as well as being fabulously warm, and will look great thrown over the back of your sofa. Try the Teal colour to add some warmth to your interiors.


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