It’s amazing how easy it is to change your mind about a ‘trend’.

We could start with the chunky trainer that is out there this season, on every front row and on every ‘influencer’ you see. I said I would never ever wear a pair, that they were hideous, and that I was too old. Now? I am desperate for a pair and about to press ‘buy’ on a pair of Adidas that if I was thinking straight I would know should really only be worn by a teenager who is far cooler than me.

This leads me on to tartan.

Who me, wear tartan? NEVER! Do I look like a punk?

Well never say never as this trend is back. For me this tartan coat will be my nod to the trend – I have always loved making a statement with a coat as it helps dictate my purchase of the season, and I don’t have to wear it all the time. And underneath I can wear anything I like and hopefully everyone will still think I am cool as I have tartan on the top!

But if the coat is too much of an investment piece for what might be a seasonal trend, then the shoes from Zara are an affordable gamble. Oh, and if you get invited to the Scottish highlands, the trousers are a must!

Every now and then I find a handbag I have to have – this baby pink one with blue fur handles has surprised even me, but I LOVE it. I can’t really think about anything else, and it is the perfect affordable piece of the season, as well as a good talking point! But let’s swiftly move on to wide ¾ length trousers – I think I am obsessed. The only downside is cold ankles, but to be honest I can take the hit. They are so flattering and a great move on from skinny jeans - paired with either a great pair of kitten heels or even baseball boots, they can do day or night without batting an eyelid. I love these corduroy Anya ones from J Brand. And they would look fantastic with our new paisley and leopard print silk Dora shirt which is quickly becoming our bestseller of the season – it gives you two trends in one!

ic: Tabitha Webb | Dora In Blue and Pink Paisley


And finally, if you want an Autumn getaway, I hear Heckfield Place is now THE place to hang out…if it’s good enough for Liv Tyler..


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