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Tabitha Webb | Coyote

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So the one place I thought we would be safe from wild animals is here.

Here in Cape Cod, I mean.

Now, aside from the Great Whites cruising the shore lines which I have every intention of avoiding, I thought that it would be good clean fun.

So today we jumped on the hotel boat over to the nearby island to go for a walk and build a few sandcastles in the sunshine. As we walked around the first corner of the island we were confronted with a coyote.

Now this is not normal coyote behaviour as they normally sleep in the day and only come out at night…or so we thought. So our immediate panic was that it had rabies, and the hotel boat had already left the island and wouldn’t be back for the next hour. So we continued walking and it followed us, and followed us and followed us. At first I thought it would get bored of us, and then I stated to panic. So I carried Betsey and Mr PB took our green frog spade as a weapon – oh how we can laugh now! But when you need a weapon, anything goes!

Then in the distance we saw what looked like a hot looking man and his bird…they saw we were being cornered and came to help. My panic immediately started to ease at seeing the hotness of our rescuer, and him and Mr PB walked behind me and Bets and the hot mans' hot wife who I now know is called ‘La’ (love that) walked in front with us.

I have to say I am not normally pathetic, but being on an island with no way off and a Coyote stalking our every move made me bloody nervous!

Mr PB told me to run into the water with Bets if it went for us.

What? Take on the Great Whites too, I guess?

I mean, what a choice.

Suffice to say we made it back to the boat and I have never been so happy to sit around a packed pool and drink a cold beer. I always think I love adventures, but maybe I should stick to fashion after all.


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