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Tabitha Webb | Shoes For Spring

(First published 01/09/2018)

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I can be a bit tricky.

I can confirm this, by telling you that when I was 23, my boyfriend at the time was trying to make me go to an event that I really didn’t want to go to. At about the same time I found a pair of white stiletto heels in LK Bennett that I decided I absolutely couldn’t live without.

So I cut a deal with him: If he bought me the shoes, I would go with him, not thinking for one moment that he would.

But he did.

He actually came home with the shoes, and then I had no choice but to go and enjoy myself. Damn.

I did really love the shoes – they were fresh and clean, and complimented nearly every Spring outfit I owned. But I never wore them without feeling a tinge of guilt, especially as I dumped him a few months later. Sorry, Daniel.

Cut to 2018, and here we are staring the white shoe trend in the face again. It’s back and all over the catwalk. But for me, I don’t think it’s something I can ever re-visit. This could be my moral compass kicking in of course. But fear not because there are so many trends out there this season, that you can take your pick. I would advise steering clear of the terrifying futuristic trainers which you can probably only wear if you are a size 8 and look like a Victoria Secret model.

I would move more towards the mules, kitten heels and of course the cowboy boot…you know me and my love of all things Western!

The cowboy boot is perfect for both a rainy day and a festival in your favourite summer dress – to kill two trends in one try and grab a pair of Ganni’s white Callie leather boots. As far as mules go, I really want to love Gucci’s Princetown slippers, but I just can’t. I even went as far as ordering a pair to try and persuade myself, but I just had flashback’s to the 80’s and Patrick Cox.

So I have bought myself a pair of Kurt Geiger’s lobster inspired Otter mules instead which I love.

But for me there is no greater shoe to get you through Spring than a leopard print pump. I have been looking for some for years. So thank you Hush for finally answering my prayers. Step forward the delicious Tetbury pump – the perfect piece of furry footwear.


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