Tabitha Webb | What Would I Wear On The Red Carpet

What Would I Wear On The Red Carpet

Tabitha Webb | What Would I Wear On The Red Carpet

Every morning I wake up and have a momentary panic about what I will wear to do the school run.

I always run out of time, and put on my blush pink coat to cover all manner of sins, and forget about it until the next day.

Now imagine being a celebrity and having to choose what to wear down the red carpet – putting yourself out there for all the world to see and even worse, to judge

I mean I only have to face a few yummy mummies - not the world’s press, but suffice to say I think the work out gear ‘commonly spotted’ on the school path is the equivalent to wearing black on the red carpet. It’s the easy way out.

Perhaps we all need to push our boundaries a little bit more?

Black has long been considered the ‘safe’ option for any occasion, with everyone having a back up ‘LBD’ in their wardrobe. If you’re feeling too fat, if you’re going to run into your ex-boyfriend, or if you simply can’t find anything to wear, black always seems to be the solution.

But I don’t agree – it makes a statement, but maybe not the right one.

I think we need to be bold and to get noticed – colour screams confidence. When I don’t know what to wear, I always turn to a hue of pink – it’s a ray of light in amongst a crowd of dark. Look at Nicole Kidman at the Critic’s Choice Award in her bright pink Valentino – it was insane and a complete head turner.

ic: Tabitha Webb | Nicole Kidman at the Choice Awards in Valentino (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)


Put her next to Reese Witherspoon in her understated black Prada and there was no competition.

ic:Tabitha Webb | Reese Witherspoon wearing black Prada


Likewise Yara Shahidi in her purple Giambattista Valli was a romantic vision - to me this is what the red carpet should be – a vision of colour, of women wearing things they truly love.

ic:Tabitha Webb | Yara Shahidi in Giambattista Valli Couture at the 23rd Critics' Choice Awards


So while I carry on my mission to spread a rainbow of colour across the fashion world, please consider ditching your Little Black Dress and instead find yourself a Fabulous Colour Staple.


I promise you will thank me!


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