Christmas in the sunshine? Yes please!

I am without a doubt a holiday addict. My husband thinks I behave like Rockafella, but I do actually think I get officially depressed in the UK in the winter. If it snowed and actually got cold I could cope, but I find the constant grey just so uninspiring! All it does is make me want to eat more cake, which let’s be honest, isn’t good for anyone. So I have laid down the law to the husband that we need to be away at Christmas if we possibly can be – first world problems I appreciate! This year we escaped to Harbour Island in the Bahamas. It was insanely divine. The downside is the expense, because once you are on the island you are a captive audience and there is nothing to be found there which could be described as reasonable price wise. The upside of this is that my husband and I decided to stop eating unless we were starving after the 5th day to ensure our credit card still worked on departure, and for the first time ever I think I actually lost weight on holiday! The seas are warm and crystal clear, the sky is azure blue, and everyone there is very friendly….and rich. And the main thing I learnt on holiday is that wealth is very rarely found in glamorous industries…the people who owned the biggest boats and threw the largest parties were the people who supplied pizza toppings and made horse shoes. Go figure. I am now off to invent the new loo roll.

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