Tabitha Talks with Lucy Beresford

Tabitha Talks with Lucy Beresford

Tabitha Talks with Lucy Beresford

Last week I got the opportunity to talk to the wonderful, bright, chatty Lucy Beresford.

As a much revered shrink, I was a little apprehensive that within moments she would see through my dodgy chat and suddenly discover there was nothing deep and meaningful about me, but it's fine, she didn't seem to notice anything untoward. Phew!

She had come to set us on the right track for 2015 and basically remind us how wonderful we all are, and to be quite honest, that being a woman in the modern world can be bloody hard! Here are a few of her key points..

Women have to understand that it is OK to be selfish sometimes

Living your life dancing to someone else's tune is exhausting, not fulfilling and not always necessary. Find out what is important to you.

It's time for a friend audit!

We all carry too many friends around with us, so it is time to be ruthless and get rid of the ones with negative energy. Light attracts light, and your life needs to be full of positive energy. Get rid of the energy vampires and think about who you would call on in times of trouble. Those are your real friends.


Mindfulness will help you find peace and calm

(worth noting at this point I called it "mindology" – it appears this word does not exist, but I have now invented it and rather like it. I own it. I am now creating a definition.) Although mindfulness (mindology) looks like meditation it is not – you are not focussing on anything, just allowing your mind to relax so negative thoughts and stress can slide pass your consciousness. Hard to do!

3 things

Finally…at the end of the day note 3 things down that were good about your day – this allows your mind to rid itself of any negative energy and crap from the day and focus on the positives. Even if it was just when a strange man smiled at you…personally I would find this quite exciting!


So I hope this will help you launch into 2015 with gusto….and thank you Lucy for being so inspiring! She has told me if you think about what you want you will probably get it.

Tonight I shall think very hard about Ryan Gosling.

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