Tabitha Talks - Merryn Somerset Webb & Oliver Tress

Here we go again! Round two of Tabitha Talks with these two amazing people!

Last month, Tabitha was joined by guests Oliver Tress of Oliver Bonas and Merryn Somerset Webb of MoneyWeek to discuss the subject of business, with a focus on retail start-ups.

In Tabitha's Belgravia boutique, with champagne flowing, Merryn, Oliver and Tabitha discussed:

  • the challenges of starting your own company
  • the importance of carving out a niche
  • the difficulties of surviving a recession

Other topics included:

  • the effect of the online world on their respective enterprises
  • property prices
  • how to use rugby strategy to get ahead (surprising, we know)

Also, according to Oliver, he didn't know what he was doing for the first 10 years, so there is hope for all of us..

Watch the full interview video now!

In this video Merryn is wearing the Raspberry Theodore dress, and Tabitha is wearing the Ariel blouse.

Oliver wears his own clothes.

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