Tabitha Talks - Tabitha Webb Interviews Author Ruth Field

Tabitha Somerset Webb interviews acclaimed author (and former criminal barrister) Ruth Field, of best-selling books Run Fat B!tch Run and Get Your Sh!t Together. In this amusing interview in Tabitha's Elizabeth Street boutique, Ruth and Tabitha discuss her new book, Cut the Crap, as well as diet crazes, whether big bones really do exist, and the merits of running for concentration and motivation. Ruth - AKA The Grit Doctor - focuses more on health and fitness than weight loss in her book, as she believes that fad diets never work. Meanwhile Tabitha admits to going on 7-day detox juice cleanses... Let us know whose side you are on by tweeting us @TabithaWebbUK or Ruth @gritdoctor Ruth doesn't sugar-coat anything, including her words, so watch now for the kick up the butt you need! Ruth wears the Edie in Green. Buy Cut the Crap on Amazon here. Shop Tabitha Webb

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