Tabitha Talk's with Lucy Cleland

Tabitha Webb | Lucy Cleland


It was such a pleasure and a treat and everything else delicious you can think of to talk to Lucy Cleland at Moretons tonight as part of my Tabitha Talks series.

She is an utter legend, and so inspirational.

She juggles being the editor of her own magazine Country and Townhouse, with being a mother to 2 children under the age of 4 ( this I tell you, is no easy feat!) And to top it all off? Well, her business partner is her husband. Is this insanity or pure genius?! In her case it seems to be the latter.

Seven years after launching the magazine it is going from strength to strength, and is now something she feels exceedingly proud of. "In 10 years it might be time for a new challenge, but right now things are too exciting", she says.

Lucy already has big advertisers knocking on her door - and all this before she even hits the big 4-0!

As an entrepreneur myself it is always fascinating to hear from other people who have done the same as me – and I think we all say the same thing. Once you have started your own business, it seems like it would be impossible to go back into a normal job. So somehow you have to make it work – but the passion you have to have, and the desire to make it work, is immense.

Someone asked us tonight when is enough enough: When do you give up on a business? (I get the feeling she was asking on behalf of her husband!)

We both said the same thing – only when you wake up in the morning and can’t find a reason to keep pushing forward. Otherwise you just keep going until you can look back and say, WHOOP, it worked!

So Lucy, see you in Bali in 10 years time for the next phase of our lives. Well, hopefully before that for a bottle of wine, but you get my drift….  x


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