Tabitha Webb | Bonfire Night

Autumn Layering: Are you ready for Bonfire Night?

Tabitha Webb | Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night Better Than Halloween?

Look, I don’t know about you but I find Bonfire Night infinitely preferable to Halloween - its close stablemate in the British holiday calendar.

Fireworks are exciting and beautiful, and you can chow down on a hot dog without guilt - in the cold crisp air there is nothing more delicious.

Woolly hats and gloves and a puffer jacket are mandatory. It is the scene of a fantastic revelation: no one can determine what shape you are under layers of goosedown and knit, therefore the stern summer body regime is over! Rejoice!

We have a few Bonfire night recommendations for you from our personal stash of layering heroes.  Our scarves, for example, are perfect for knotting around your neck as a light and compact extra layer.

Tabitha Webb Pink Floral Scarf

They are very pretty and soft, and add no extra bulk. From our new Sol Angeles stock there is much to choose from.

For Bonfire night my favourite underlayer would be the ‘Make my Day’ long-sleeved t-shirt – soft and long-sleeved, ideal for wearing under a wool jumper.

Sol Angeles Make My Day Long-Sleeved T-Shirt; Bella Freud 1970 merino wool jumper

Bella Freud makes the quintessential cool-but-warm wool jumpers: I am especially taken with her 1970 merino wool jumper, a favourite of Kate Moss and Alexa Chung.

Alternatively, our Sol Angeles paint-splash jumper is a good option; crew neck, plain colour, but interesting enough to make anything put with it a bit cooler.

Sol Angeles Raglan Paint-Splatter Pullover; Isabel Marant leather trousers

Pair it with Isabel Marant’s Jany leather trousers – honestly. They are warm, look sexy and, as she is the reigning queen of leather trousers, comfortable.

A puffer jacket is my greatest recommendation for any outdoor, winter activity – you will be impervious to cold. You will think to yourself, ‘how perpetually freezing I was before this jacket! I didn’t realise it was possible to be this warm!’

I’m a fan of this Burberry duffle coat – I prefer a less belted, European look to my puffer coats, as I like to embrace the inherent shapelessness and duvet-like atmosphere within.

Burberry Duffle Puffer Coat; Hunter chelsea wellington boots

The environs of a bonfire in Autumn tend to get a bit muddy, and since it is dark, you never know if you are heading directly for a puddle. Therefore not the moment for your favourite suede boots, but something rather more rugged. Tough biker boots or wellies are the answer. If you want to wear wellies but don't want to compromise on style, Hunter have made these Chelsea wellington boots.

Now you are kitted out and ready to burn an effigy!

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