Coats. Jackets. Bombers.

Coats. Jackets. Bombers.

Coats. Jackets. Bombers.
ic: Tabitha Webb | Coats. Jackets. Bombers.


Every year the impending purchase of a new winter coat brings me out in a cold sweat.

I research want I want for hours on end, and I still never feel completely happy.

Do I want elegant, warm, trendy, or practical – I mean really I want all of these things rolled into one, but a) that doesn’t exist, and b) the bank balance won’t allow it!

So this season I have chosen my top 3.

Firstly I would like to admit none of them are very practical!

The pale pink wool trench from Coach is beautiful though – elegant and such an easy colour for the winter. I have countless ‘blush’ winter coats as I think they work with everything from denim to sparkles, and tend to look great next to winter skin.

Next up everybody needs a leopard print coat in their wardrobe this winter – it’s the print of the season, and will give your outfits a little bit of extra edge, and take the pressure off what you are wearing underneath.

This one from Alice and Olivia is the perfect length and, and I love the removable hoody it has which adds a casual element.

Finally of course Tibi’s piece of the season: Their dressing gown style faux fur comes in a multitude of colours, and it’s as snuggly and warm as it is cool. If you are feeling brave try the orange…it’s a showstopper.

Next my guilty pleasure – we all know I am a trucker, surf wannabe, wood chopper at heart so this Alexander McQueen coat is a must for me – I have bought it already, and am not ashamed to say I live in it. It’s the perfect everyday coat that also covers off the tartan trend. However, if I could pull off the ‘wearing a blanket as a coat’ trend like Rosie Huntington Whitely I would also be all over that…

But it’s not all about what’s on the outside! Ladies we need to feel good on the inside as well, and Dora Larsen has this covered.

Her undies are on my Christmas wishlist already – they are so delicious and made in the most gorgeous soft lace and vibrant colours. Perfect for lounging by the fire - quite Bond girl!

And the best thing about this time of year?

The Liberty beauty advent calendar is out again – it is the literal advent calendar of dreams, full of all your favourite beauty brands and this year there are even 2 hidden golden tickets! I have been really good this year….I promise…


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