Tabitha Webb | Fright and Hiccup

Fright and Hiccup join the family

Tabitha Webb | Fright and Hiccup

Tabitha Webb | Guinea Pig


So we are now the proud owners of 2 guinea pigs, aptly named Hiccup and Fright by my 3 year old daughter.

I never thought giant rodent ownership would be for me, but it turns out they are ideal pets for little humans.

They are furry, submissive and love to eat.

And they are utterly ridiculous.

Fright bares a glaring similarity to Zoolander and Hiccup should really be called Rasta Pig.

We let them run ‘wild’ in our garden in London – they are like mini lawnmowers and this all works splendidly apart from when we have to put them to bed. It takes me and my husband about 30 mins every night to catch them, which gives us complete hysterics as they are so goddamn fast!

Anyway we decided last week that they needed a haircut and a nail trim so as is the modern way we googled how to cut a guinea pigs hair – well this is the simple bit!

It now appears that we should be cleaning their bottoms and their nether regions (they are both boys…) almost daily.

And there are videos to illustrate this.

Suddenly we realise we are not good pig parents and the inner marriage bartering has started as to who takes on which job. Guinea pig willie cleaning?

God, maybe a puppy would have been easier after all!


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