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Tabitha Webb | Los Angeles

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29/09/2020 - Updated this blog. It did not age well, did it, Harvey?

So I am not going to pretend that it didn’t excite me just a little bit to see three mega celebs in the three days I was in LA!

Why do we care so much? Why is it so exciting?

No idea…other than we can boast about it, put it on social media, and weirdly realise that they are just normal humans.

ic: Tabitha Webb | Old Mate Harvey The Letch

So I had my breakfast next to Harvey Weinstein at The Peninsula - although not a looker (sorry Harvey) he certainly had the chat – he spoke loudly into his phone about Anne Hathaway, and I think it was true, don’t even think he faked it! (2020 Edit: See? As I read this back in 2020, this fact isn't a good one. At. All.) However rather than wondering if he was going to give me a part in his next movie, I ploughed through a plate of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup while very obviously spying on him.

Then along came Hugh Jackman for a little dip in the pool (2020 Edit: Thank GOD Hugh is still squeaky clean in 2020) Disappointingly he likes to keep his body covered from the sun so he was swimming in a sun-proof top (v. selfish I think) but still added a bit of titillation to the day. He was with his daughter being an amazing daddy – we all know how that makes women feel, on top of the hotness of the said male. The good news is I could still see he was ripped through the layers.

Then finally Jessica Alba next to me at supper. All the men were ogling, and all the girls just wanted to be her. Giggly, fresh, beautiful, adores her mum, argh – too much! Obviously it made me sit there and promise to myself I would go to the gym daily, have some facials and be a better person.

Now back in London most of those have fallen by the wayside, but it was worth the trip just so I could write this blog :)


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