Tabitha Webb | La Traviata

La Traviata

Tabitha Webb | La Traviata
(First published:  04/06/2015)

I just wanted to say WOW! I went to see the opening night of La Traviata at the Royal Opera House last night and it was completely amazing.
My gorgeous hubby had bought these tickets for me as a surprise (fyi this is a complete one off…) but he suddenly had to go away on business so I ended up taking a friend and we LOVED it.…also helped by the fact I happened to find an  ex-boyfriend at the bar to buy us some delicious champagne.

The sets were incredible and the female lead unreal – those lungs!

Anyway a highly pleasurable way to pass an evening and if you can go, you should. I feel we all need to grab some culture where we can in this celebrity obsessed world.


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