Tabitha Webb | To Stay Or Go?

To Stay or Go...

Tabitha Webb | To Stay Or Go?

So after 18 months in Hampshire, the time has come for the big decision.

Do we stay or do we go?

I have never been known for my ability to make a decision, but this one has certainly thrown me more than others. I now suddenly understand why people have 2 homes – one for the week and one for the weekend. What an amazing concept.

However, there is no doubt I am lacking the cash to buy one home I love let alone two. So now I am 40 (gah!) it is time for a grown up decision.

What do I miss from the big smoke?

  • Well the pop up restaurants that I think I went to weekly - but rarely frequented due to exhaustion
  • The ballet and the opera which I love to boast about - but realistically get to twice a year
  • The big nights out clubbing - that usually have me flat on my back for a week with a slipped disc

but most importantly?

  • My mates.

There is no doubt the countryside can be a little dull, that the lack of excitement can sometimes make you want to pull your hair out and that the gossiping is insane – but actually once you let yourself be fully ingratiated into the way of life you find out that people actually play pretty hard down here, it is just done in a slightly different way.

It is pool parties with children, rather than roof top parties at Shoreditch house.

So as an experiment we have moved back to London to help us decide where we want to be – and you know what?

10 days into London life and I can hands down say I want to escape to those pretty fields of flowers and those slightly insane gossiping women.

It is absurd!

I never thought it would be me, but I have decided you actually cannot put a price on space and fresh air and for now it works just fine.

I just need to make all my friends come down too.

The more the merrier and all that jazz..


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