Women. Fashion. Power

Women. Fashion. Power

Women. Fashion. Power

It has been a busy few days!

Everything from doing a Q&A at the Design Museum on Fashion, Power and Women with the gorgeous Helen Brocklebank - to arranging a party for my 40th (yup, that is still happening, still turning 40) to designing a dress for my 40th (ridiculously stressful!) to staying up to watch the Oscars.


These may all seem like little things, but rolled together they make me feel like I need a spa day. Or maybe that is just the fear of turning 40. I still don't understand how that can be happening.

Can I rant about that a bit more?

I mean, I am fun, young, like hanging with the kids, think I am pretty cool….WTF?

The only good thing is I can finally say out loud that my cellulite is never going to go so there is no point in fighting it. I am going to embrace it. Hot, right?

But let me back track – the Q&A at the Design Museum: I loved this. It was arranged by the gorgeous girls at the Bluebird Chelsea, and it was very fun. I did however try to explain that I preferred to be called a 'girl' rather than a 'woman'. This upset a lot of the feminists in the room. But it is nothing to do with trying to diminish the power we have as women, it is purely that I do not feel grown up enough to be a woman – I like to think I can still do the girly giggle and flirt thing…call me a woman and I immediately think I need to get my whips out. I think Shania Twain would understand me.

And this leads me on to thinking how the older generation of 'ladies' seem to be getting a bit racier – I have had two ladies in the shop today, both nudging 60, telling me about all the dates they are going on and the amount of action they are getting (full respect mixed with utter horror). One lady only wanted leather dresses (obvs had pictured a little hottie in this when I designed it) and the other wanted one that made her boobs cascade out.

But how cool is that?

They are not taking any notice of age, or the rules that come with age, they are just going to have a damn good time. And I am convinced they get more action than me.

Today, Belgravia has surprised me….


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