Buying A Boat

Buying A Boat

Buying A Boat

It is 2015 and therefore the start of new things - well at least that is what we all say!

But this year I really and truly am going to learn some kick ass new songs on my guitar - I really am going to teach myself to become the rockstar I think I have secretly always wanted (and am destined) to be. I have an electric pink guitar and it is time to put it to good use!

But aside from that, today my husband and I decided we would buy a boat.

Yup, a boat.

We have never thought about owning one before, but today we pootled down the river in a boat with an engine the size of a gnat and it was fun - liberating, slightly ridiculous and fun.

I sat on the front with my feet hanging in the water and for a moment felt like I could be in the opening scene of Hawaii Five 0 - surely having that feeling every now and then makes boat ownership seem like a good idea?

Granted we are in sunny South Africa at the moment, and doing this in the pissing rain in England may not have quite the same romance to it, but sod it, I'm game.

We will get a boat - a very old one - buy a thermos, and hit the pounding waves back home.

We have giggled all day about the kinds of new people we might meet on this adventure, and whether we might find ourselves so bored of 'taking the boat out' that we may wish to sell it on in 6 months. But we won't know until we try!

So I guess this means we are taking the rural living thing one step further....hmmm, how will this pan out! x

UPDATE 2020: Looking back at this post through the lens of 2020's weird covid times right now, we should have totally kept the boat and just disappeared to somewhere safe and sound. And with lots of wine. LOTS. OF. WINE.

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  • zuebelfssy: March 25, 2021

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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