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Tabitha Webb | Nantucket

It has been a dream of mine ever since I can remember to go to Nantucket.

I had seen it in so many photoshoots, imagined the white picket fence dream, the fresh air, the clams…so I was beside myself when we actually decided to go there on holiday.

All I can tell you is, it did not disappoint.

It is completely beautiful; Hiring bikes and riding around the island is divine. It really is just as you imagine it would be, or as the bike-hire boys said, it is ‘the move’ (for those not in the know, this means 'the dog's bollocks.' I am trying to bring the word to London…).

Anyway, I am already saving up for next year. I say saving up as we nearly had to remortgage our house to go for 2 weeks!


It is also the ultimate wedding destination. Interesting fact: In September alone, on that tiny island, they host about 100 weddings on a Saturday alone. You do literally see brides lining up to get their photos taken in the best available spots. It is a little bit nauseating, but then, if you live in Boston and want the dream wedding, where else to go?! (also, if you want to start a wedding business, this is the place to go!)

Betsy running down a dreamy Nantucket beach

We hired a Jeep and drove it down the beach to the lighthouse – brilliantly romantic and cool if you don’t get stuck in the sand.

Obviously we did.

Mr PB - my cool, supposedly rugged South African got us stuck.

Cue high embarrassment of having to be rescued by the locals, but then we did get a free beer out of it at sunset while we waited to dig ourselves out. Every cloud 😂

Anyway, book your flights and go. It rocks. And kids will adore it x

2020 Edit: Go obviously when you can and it's safe for you and your Family. World has changed in 2020, hasn't it? 🥺


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