Tabitha Webb | Tabitha Webb Interviews Photographer Victoria Metaxas

Tabitha Webb Interviews Photographer Victoria Metaxas

Tabitha Webb | Tabitha Webb Interviews Photographer Victoria Metaxas

Tabitha Webb interviews Victoria Metaxas, the photographer and lifestyle blogger

Based in London, Victoria Metaxas specialises in fashion, travel and lifestyle photography, - and has worked with a number of successful brands including Folli Follie and Moda in Pelle.

Her fashion photography work has also been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Ellements Magazine. Victoria's blog, Aurora Stories, is what she calls her 'online storybook': a place to share stories through her beautiful images.

Her pictures have a vibrancy to them that make you feel like you are stepping into another world, so her blog is a great place to find a little luxurious escapism.

We asked Victoria more about her life both sides of the camera lens, her personal style, and about the new fashion that we should be investing in - and she should know!

Tabitha Webb | Victoria Metaxas Being Shot By Rebecca Botin Today

Victoria Metaxas wearing the Trixie Dress. Shot by Rebecca Botin

TABITHA WEBB: Where are you from? Have you always lived in London?
Victoria Metaxas: I’m half English, half Greek and grew up in Dubai, so had a pretty international upbringing! I moved to London for university, then left for a couple of years to work in Dubai, and study photography in Milan, and moved back last September.

ic:Tabitha Webb | Credit: Victoria Metaxas


TABITHA WEBB: How did you get into photography?
VM: My interest in photography started back at university while I was studying for my Economics degree. Following my graduation, I moved to Greece to take a course in Greek and spend a few months staying with my family there. I decided to start a blog to document my time and write about all the places I visited and the cultural experiences I had. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to start another personal blog when I returned back to Dubai, but this time with a focus on lifestyle, fashion and travel. Taking a diploma in fashion photography in Milan last year was what solidified my move into professional photography.


ic: Tabitha Webb | Victoria Metaxas Photographed By Rebecca Botin


TABITHA WEBB: How do you describe your style?
VM: I would describe my personal style as simple, classic with a slight edge. I often dress quite simply with a lot of whites, camels and greys, but add small details such as bright a fedora or statement shoes to give my outfits a bit of a punch.


Danielle Peazer of Idle Lane, shot by Victoria Metaxas

Danielle Peazer of Idle Lane

TABITHA WEBB: How does your work influence what you wear?
VM: Being a photographer, I have to be comfortable in what I wear. In winter, I love over-sized knits as they keep you warm and looking stylish but are not constricting in any way. I also try and make sure I’m always wearing some form of heel in case I have to shimmy off to an event, but being on your feet all day means that sometimes comfy boots are the only way to go forward!


ic:Tabitha Webb | Victoria Metaxas Shot By Rebecca Botin


TABITHA WEBB: Which gorgeous bloggers have you worked with? Any favourite shoots you’d like to share with us?
VM: What I love most about my job is that when working with such a variety of bloggers, you get to learn everyone’s individual style and personality. One of my favourite shoots to date was with Danielle Peazer, a blogger I work closely with. We were actually shooting together for the first time in May just when the blossom was out. I took us to the Japanese Gardens in Holland Park and we found this stunning cherry blossom tree to shoot under. The pictures turned out amazing, and she had the perfect dress to suit the location. I have a very romantic style when it comes to my photography, so these images were right down my street, but also perfectly reflected Danielle’s fashion style and personality.


ic:Tabitha Webb | The Stylist and The Wardrobe by Victoria Metaxas

The Stylist and The Wardrobe

TABITHA WEBB: What are your top tips for someone looking to take the perfect outfit shot for Instagram?
VM: Keep it simple. If you have an amazing outfit, which you want to show off, always go for a very plain background so you stand out on the photo. Usually busy backgrounds don’t work as well for outfit pictures, unless you want the focus to be on the location rather than the clothes.

TABITHA WEBB: You see street style all the time and shoot the best fashionistas, what should we be investing in right now?
VM: Victoriana is one of my favourite current trends, and one coming up next season. I think investing in a silk or cotton shirt with a beautiful high-neck of embellished lace or a pussy-bow is ideal to take you from winter through to spring. In winter, throw a gorgeous knit over it to give you that elegant layered look, and when the weather warms style it with a beautiful suede skirt and some ankle booties.

ic:Tabitha Webb | The Fashion Bug shot by Victoria Metaxas

The Fashion Bug

TABITHA WEBB: How important is a statement dress to your wardrobe?

VM: Very important. I love statement pieces, which are versatile, that you can dress up and down depending on the occasion. I’m often dashing back home to quickly get ready and pop out again for an evening event, so it’s always reassuring to know you have that gorgeous piece you can turn to, whatever the situation.


ic:Tabitha Webb | Victoria Metaxas Being Photographed By Rebecca Botin


TABITHA WEBB: How do you accessorise dresses for day and for evening?
VM: For the day my favourite accessories are hats, I have about eight hats right now all in different colours (my next purchase is going to be a light grey felt hat, open to suggestions!) I think they add something classy and special to an otherwise simple look. For the evening I’m all about the earrings. If you’re wearing an LBD and feel it needs a bit of edge, then just grab the sparkliest you can find and you’ll be ready to roll! Shoes are of course my number one (I’m a confessed shoeaholic), but sometimes I find in London that unless you’re Ubering it, those stilettos have to stay in the cupboard…


ic:Tabitha Webb | Danielle Peazer of Idle Lane shot by Victoria Metaxas

Danielle Peazer of Idle Lane

TABITHA WEBB: What trends are you seeing for SS16 that you are looking forward to?
VM: It isn’t really my style, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the maximalist, print-clash trend is translated onto the street. Obviously on the catwalk, anything goes, so it’ll be interesting to watch how the street stylistas tone it down. I’m also seeing some 90’s hints coming through, with sprinkles of tie dye and baggy street (think Backstreet Boys) hitting the shops. The past few years have been so minimalist and chic, so it will be intriguing to to see how the 2016 styles change and incorporate these new loud trend streams


ic:Tabitha Webb | Victoria Metaxas Style Caught By Rebecca Botin


Which are your three favourite pieces from Tabitha Webb this season and how are you wearing them?
VM: Here's my Top Tabitha Webb Picks:

1) The Joker Blouse, I adore the print on this and the sweet frilly cuffs – I would pair this colourful piece with a pair of skinny jeans, some gorgeous camel knee-length boots and a forest-green fedora.

ic:Tabitha Webb | The Joker Blouse


2) The Meg in Navy – I love the paneling on this. I would pair it with some nude courts and a pearl necklace, to keep it simple and stylish.


ic:Tabitha Webb | Rebecca Botin Wearing Tabitha Webb


3) The Edie in Green and Navy – I’m a huge fan of the shape of this dress, particularly the interesting neckline and gathering at the waist. I would pair this with a pair of gold or nude Mary Janes and a black cloche hat and gloves, just to keep things beautifully 60s!

ic:Tabitha Webb | The Edie Dress in Green and Navy


TABITHA WEBB: Tell us about your blog and tell us what’s next?
VM: My blog, alongside my photography work for other bloggers and brands, is a lifestyle blog where I document my experiences in London and abroad through my images. I use my photography skills to capture the atmosphere of a place, restaurant or event, since visual content is incredibly important in this image-driven society. I’m hoping to take my blog forward with more collaborations with lifestyle brands, restaurants and hotels next year, both here in London and around the world. I’m also looking forward to more exciting fashion projects coming up in 2016 with the fashion bloggers I work with.


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