• Tartan

    It’s amazing how easy it is to change your mind about a ‘trend’.

    We could start with the chunky trainer that is out there this season, on every front row and on every ‘influencer’ you see. I said I would never ever wear a pair, that they were hideous, and that I was too old. Now?

  • Autumn Essentials

    Autumn is in the air.

    Or at least the wild blackberries sprouting all around me would seem to think so, which means it’s time to prepare ourselves for a change of season: In light of this Sinead and I have discussed our essentials to get us through the shorter days and longer nights.

  • The Coyote!

    So the one place I thought we would be safe from wild animals is here. Here in Cape Cod, I mean. Now, aside from sharks cruising the shore lines which I have every intention of avoiding, I thought that it would be good clean fun..